Mild Tassel Shoes


Jet black and easy-to-wear, our Mild Tassel Shoes have room to mold to your feet without being restrictive. The tassels attached to the leather patch covering the tongue add a...

Mild Tassel Loafers - Blue


Our Mild Tassel Loafers blend the intricacy of baroguing with the flair of tassel embellishments, creating a unique, matte pair made of 100% pure leather that is easy to slip...

Patent Tassel Short Vamp


Cozy to wear, these slip-on style Patent Tassel Short Vamp Loafers are part suede, part Patent Leather, and 100% stylish! The tassel adornments on the tongue add contemporary class.

Patina Finish Double Monk (Brown)


With a stitched cap-toe design, a double monk strap, and a glossy, tanned touch, our Patina Finish Double Monk Shoes are made of 100% pure leather and provide form-fitting durability.

Textured Oxford Lace Shoes


Sleek, black, and made of 100% pure leather, our Textured Oxford Lace Shoes possess a closed-throat 5-eyelet design, true-to-size fit, and sturdy heels.    

Derby Laced Shoes - Burgundy


Made of 100% pure leather, our Derby Laced Shoes possess a 5-eyelet design, fit true-to-size, feel sturdy, and are resilient to wear and tear.

Polychrome Velvet Loafers


Crafted from 100% pure velvet, these fashionable loafers offer a unique, multicoloredaesthetic. Easy to slip into, they provide a roomy fit and feature buckles at the top for added pizzazz.

Patina Finish Wingtip Shoes


Our Patina Finish Wingtip Shoes are made of 100% pure leather and offer intricate baroguing along the vamp, the sides, and the wingtip. The open-laced, 5-eyelet design and glossy Patina...

Patent Wholecut Shoes


Our sophisticated Patent Wholecut Shoes are a glistening smooth number crafted from 100% pure one-cut leather with a close-laced 5-eyelet design, and a durable, true-to-size fit.

Diamond Cut Croc Oxfords - Brown


Neatly stitched across the body, our 100% pure leather Diamond Cut Croc Oxfords contain a chic, croc-pattern embossing on the tongue, a close-laced 5-eyelet design, and thin cotton laces.

Snake-Pattern Loafers

Rs.7,000.00 – Rs.7,500.00

Our Snake-Pattern Loafers feature an embossed tongue contrasting with a plain vamp. Crafted from 100% pure leather, enjoy the robust feel of our loafers’ tanned, glossy body and the decorative,...

Black Croc Oxford


These beautiful, black formals, embossed with a croc-pattern design, are made of 100% pure, one-cut leather. Complete with 5-eyelets and a lustrous finish, our Black Croc-Wholecut Oxfords are a peculiar...

Diamond Cut Croc Oxford Shoes - Black


Our Black Diamond Cut Croc Shoes are absolute head-turners with a diamond cut design on the body and a croc-pattern embossing on the tongue. It has a close-laced 5-eyelet design...

Black Brogue Double Monk


Our Black Barogue Double Monk shoes are minimally designed, emphasizing the resilience of 100% pure leather, the form-fitting strength of the double monk straps, and the modest perforations at the...

Red Embroidered Loafers


Radiating wedding vibes, the light golden embroidery on the red fabric is as desi as it gets. Our Red Embroidered Loafers are designed specifically for cultural events and family gatherings,...

Brogue Shoes - Brown


Looking for something different? Enjoy the intricate, classic baroguing on these Oxfords! With a 5-eyelet, miniature perforated design, our Barogue Shoes are made of 100% pure leather and display a...

Crocodile Pattern Oxford Shoes


These Oxford shoes are made of 100% pure leather and are croc-embossed, with a large, scaly crocodile skin print. Closed-throat, form-fitting and glossy, this formal pair is truly elite in...

Polychrome Buckle Loafers -Brown


With an abstract design on the tongue enhanced by the buckles, our Polychrome Brown Buckle Loafers are made of 100% pure suede and possess a roomy, slip-on style.

Barogue Lace Shoes - Black

Rs.7,999.00 – Rs.8,499.00

Fashionably perforated from the wingtip to the sides and the vamp, our Barogue Lace Shoes possess a 5-eyelet, open-laced design, strong heels, and a glossy black finish.

Traditional Buckle Loafers


Our Traditional Buckle Loafers make a very desi statement. With a flashy design balanced out by black lining, vamps, and heels, our loafers retain their chicness without looking over the...

Crocodile Pattern Loafers - Black


Made of 100% pure leather, our Crocodile Pattern Loafers blend a matte finish with a croc-embossed one. Coupled with decorative, gold-toned elements, these loafers are classy, robust, and provide a...

Cap-Toe Oxfords


Nude-hued and made of 100% pure leather, our earthy Cap-Toe Oxfords are close-fitting, durable, and neatly stitched along the vamp and the cap, providing a sophisticated and minimalist design.     ...

Premium Velvet Loafers


These Premium Velvet Loafers are crafted from 100% pure velvet and create a contrast using light browns and blacks while adding a golden chain above the tongue. Roomy, durable, and...

Bowtie Velvet Loafer


Our Bowtie Velvet Loafers possess perfect smoothness and combine hues of black and red in a striking manner. The miniature bowtie adds a fashionable touch to the loafers, making this...

Velvet buckle Loafers - Maroon


Made of 100% pure velvet, our Red Velvet Loafers are smooth to touch, comfortable to wear, and soothing to look at. The golden buckles add an air of luxury to the...

Chained Blue Loafers

Rs.7,500.00 – Rs.7,999.00

With slim, gold-toned chains adorning the tongue, these easy-to-wear deep blue loafers provide comfort without compromising on form. Made of 100% pure velvet and smooth to touch, the look and...

Multishade Buckle Loafer


Our Dual-Tone Printed Buckle Loafers are crafted with an abstract design paired with golden buckles for a funky look. Enjoy this eye-catching piece, its sturdiness, and its roomy fit.

Blue Embroidered Loafers


If you’ve been looking for local artsy footwear then this pair is it! Our Blue Embroidered Loafers celebrate cultural aesthetics with light golden needlework on a dark blue fabric. Comfortable...

Tan Toecap Oxfords

Rs.7,000.00 – Rs.8,499.00

With a russet body tanned at the toecap, our Tan Toecap Oxfords are sophisticated formals with a 5-eyelet, closed-throat design. They are true-to-size, form-fitting, and supremely comfortable.

Bowtie Velvet Loafer


These all-black Bowtie Velvet Loafers exude an aura of power. Providing a comfortable, roomy fit they are suitable for casual and semi-formal events, from a brunch with colleagues to a...

Black Montica Loafers


These glossy, black shoes provide comfort along with style. Made of 100% pure leather, they are roomy and decorated with tassels and quarter lining. Wear this pair for casual gatherings...

Premium Velvet Loafer


Slip into these casual loafers, made of premium quality, 100% pure velvet, that are simple in design, provide a relaxed fit, and put on display decorative design elements. With sturdy...

Pitbull Double Monk


Our 100% pure leather Pitbull Double Monk Shoes are elegant with a wide leather patch and double-buckle design replacing the eyelets and quarter lining in the upper section. Glossy with...

Faux Quill Buckle


Offering a popular, unique, and luxurious aesthetic, this Ostrich skin design imitates the large quills of an ostrich and artistically spreads over the leather, from the rear to the front....

Tiger Patent Loafer


With a unique tiger skin design embossed onto 100% pure leather, our Tiger Patent Loafers are a bold number with varied hues of browns mixed to create an exuberant shade....

Tiger Patent Loafers


Bold and flashy, these loafers provide a gorgeous gradient of light and dark reds, sporting a buckle design on the tongue, a glistening leather finish, and an edgy tiger patent...

Bowtie Velvet Loafer


Slightly roomy and fully comfortable, these Bowtie Velvet Loafers are lighter than their striking red counterparts, making them the ideal, minimalist footwear for a casual hangout. Crafted with 100% pure...

Snake-Pattern Wholecut Shoes


Our Snake-Pattern Whole-cut Shoes are made of pure, one-cut leather and possess a glossy, snakeskin-embossed body, a closed-throat 5-eyelet design, a true-to-size fit, and an in-built robustness.

Wine Textured Double-Monk


Exhibiting a soothing wine color, our 100% pure leather Wine Textured Double Monks offer a gorgeous baroguing along the vamp, a glossy double strap to secure the feet, and a...

Black Patent Oxford Shoes


Our Black Patent Oxford Shoes are classic formals with a closed-throat, 5-eyelet design, astitched cap-toe, and a sleek black body that will bring out the gentleman in you.

Blue Rope Tassel Loafers


Our 100% pure leather Blue Rope Tassel Loafers possess a matte body with intricate baroguing and feature rope tassels that add a unique charm to the otherwise minimal number.

Brown Buckle Loafers


Our Brown Mild Buckle Loafers stand apart with their unique ostrich buffing accompanying a glossy, 100% pure leather body, and a gold-toned buckle design on the tongue.

Burgundy Textured Single Monk


Bask in the glossy, 100% pure leather of our Burgundy Textured Single Monks featuring abeautiful burgundy shade, single strap design, and a robust body. The shoes are true-to-size and form-fitting.

Multicolor Loafers


With its textured body and varying hues, our 100% pure leather Multicolor Loafers are aunique pair combining an abstract design with a casual, slip-on style.

Blue Tassel Loafers


Our Blue Tassel Loafers are made of 100% pure leather and feature a braided pattern atintervals along the vamp and on the tongue, topped off with tassels. The shoes have...

Burgundy Tassel Loafers


Our Brown Tassel Loafers are made of 100% pure leather and feature a braided pattern atintervals along the vamp and on the tongue, topped off with tassels. The shoes have...

Brown Buff Mild Croc Single Monk


With a strong, single strap and faux croc-skin embossing, our Brown Buff Mild Croc Double Monk Loafers are sturdy, fit true-to-size, and flaunt a polished finish. 

Tobacco Textured Buckle Loafers


With multitoned specks adorning a brown, 100% pure leather base, our Tobacco Textured Buckle Loafers offer a contemporary charm, buckle ornamentation, and a comfortable, slip-on style. 

Black Buff Mild Croc Single Monk


Bold, black, and beautiful, our Black Buff Mild Croc Single Monk shoes are made of 100% pure leather, possess croc-skin embossing, and fit true-to-size without leaving your feet strained.

Black Ostrich Buffing Loafers


The primary feature of these loafers is the unique ostrich buffing. Made of 100% pure leather, our Black Ostrich Buffing Loafers are roomy, minimal, and offer a contemporary charm.

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